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Inspired Work for Inspiring People

The founding of Duck Feet Communications was inspired by the desire to do good work for good people. We want to surround ourselves with clients who inspire us to not only do better work, but to also be better people. Duck Feet brings over 20 years of communications experience to the table ranging from big pharma and FMCGs to education and editorial. We currently work within the public relations, crisis communications, brand development, consulting, and content generation spaces — with a splash of design here and there.


Duck Feet Communications is committed to helping you sail smoothly across turbulent waters by paddling double-time for you below the surface. 




“My job is to help my clients ask better questions. My mentor taught me, 'Ask a better question, get a better answer.” ― Richie Norton

With 20+ years of client and agency experience, Duck Feet Communications has the capabilities and expertise to identify where small changes can make a big difference. With significant work in the crisis communications space, we can also help you proactively protect your organization's resources, reputation and revenue.

Brainstorm to Success
Our Work



A grassroots organization that came to fruition almost overnight, One Phuket was created in response to the COIVD crisis in Phuket. One Phuket has launched a three-phased multi-year plan to feed the vulnerable, create jobs and clean up the island. It has been feeding approximately 4,000 people per week since its inception. Learn more here.  

Digital Ads

This campaign, launched during COVID, played on the nuances of living in Phuket as various restrictions were put in place and kids switched to online learning. At the crux was the idea while there's much about COVID that Canine Point Academy can't fix — like taking your kids — but they can help with your dog. Learn more about Canine Point Academy here. 



Over the course of four years, UWC Thailand International School had its unfair share of crises. Despite facing numerous existential threats, its commitment to transparent communication and a supportive and engaged community meant that it actually received commendations for its crisis communications by the Council for International Schools, an international accreditation organizaiton. Learn more about the UWC Thailand here


Uncommon Courage is a new book, soon to be released by Andrea T Edwards, also known across Asia as the Digital Conversationalist. She has enlisted Duck Feet Communications into her tribe of people determined to help others unclutter their internal chatter so we can all listen effectively, work together and solve the world's biggest problems. Uncommon Courage is an invitation to the conversations we need to be having as members of the human collective. Learn more here.



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146 Jalan Keruing Kipas, Sierramas West, Sungai Buloh, 47000

Selangor, Malaysia

t: +60127143210

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Russell D Russell

Working with Samantha at Duck Feet Communications has been nothing short of awesome. Super talented, incredibly creative, and just heaps of fun to work with, Samantha takes the concept of marketing communications to another level. Practically overnight, she had come up with a concept, developed and expanded it to a full blown marketing campaign - with very little input, or guidance from me - but she just ‘gets’ what we do. And that’s a skill, that is incredibly hard to find. Someone that can look at your business, look at you as an individual, and know exactly what you need and how to deliver it for you. I absolutely love the work she has done for us, and cannot recommend her highly enough



I’ve known Sam of Duck Feet Communications for nearly four years, and when we first met, she was in charge of communications, marketing and crisis comms for UWC Thailand. Never in my life have I seen someone so talented in a role like this, and I could instantly see she was a world-class talent. In recent months, Sam and I have been able to work together directly on a community initiative in Phuket, called One Phuket. The goal is to raise funds to buy food to help people devastated by this pandemic. This experience with Sam has confirmed what I already knew, but my understanding of her true talent has risen 10-fold. She really is incredible. For One Phuket, she has been creating all of the designs, flyers, posters, videos, and artwork, and she just does it. No one is asking her to do it, she sees a way of communicating or a design need and it’s out in the blink of an eye. It’s powerful too and a HUGE part of our success in attracting donations. For someone like me, from a communications background, it has been an incredible bonus to be helped by such a true professional. I’ve always admired Sam’s professional talent, but in recent months, I’ve had the chance to see it first hand, and I can tell you, she is the bomb. This is not something I say very often! I’m also learning so much from her. My communication style is the written word. I’m doing more and more visuals these days, but Sam has really shown me the power of communication from a visual standpoint. She’s a Canva master and every piece of information we want to get out, she crafts it quickly and powerfully, and the impact is immediate. I honestly don’t know how we’ll keep this going without her. She makes such a difference. If you are looking for someone to take your business to the next level – whether it’s a school, a charity, a start-up, agency, or global business, this lady is a talent you want to have on your team. She’ll grasp your need very quickly and then watch the sparks fly – just make sure you’re smart enough to stay out of her way! I can honestly say I’ve never enjoyed working with someone else more. HIGHLY recommend x

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